The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

The following pages present a photo-journal of my trip to Taiwan for the conference. It was a fascinating time, and I hope these images convey some of my excitement.

The Journey Out

After a terrible start, snowed in at Edinburgh airport, I finally got to Heathrow over 3 hours late. As a result I was on a later flight to Hong Kong than I should have been. The funky in flight information display was some consolation. Here is an overview of the route:

The system also gave a great deal of information about the flight parameters, and I was constantly switching back to this from the various in flight movies:

It also showed maps at various scales, a close view of the final approach to Hong Kong also shows Kaohsiung in southern Taiwan, my final destination by air:

As a result of all the delays, I didn't arrive in Kaohsiung until around 23:30 - I should have been there by 14:30. Still, after a good night's sleep, I felt reasonably ready for the conference.