The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

The Tayih Landis Hotel

The accommodation was truly outstanding, with the delegates to the conference billeted in the magnificent Tayih Landis Hotel in Tainan. The lobby is very impressive, setting the tone for the whole hotel. Take a look...

And my room was a great place to get a bit of work done in the evening... or watch some TV.

The Conference

The headquarters of Zhou Yi Institute was the venue for the conference. The design of this is based on an original Sung dynasty building on three floors including a roof terrace.

The institute itself is a private school, set up by Professor Wu Chiu-Wen, which aims to bring the wisdom of the Yijing to anyone who is interested in learning. The conference brought together scholars from all over the world to discuss every aspect of the classic. It was a tremendous opportunity. Oh, and the weather was great. Here are some of us sitting outside having a chat...

From left to right: Dr Andreas Schöter, Bent Nielsen, Chung-ying Cheng, Joe Zhou (the guide of guides), Robert Cummings Neville, On-cho Ng, and a place holder chair.

The facilities in the Institute are excellent. The main hall, on the first floor, was the venue for the opening ceremony, all the invited papers and the closing ceremony. The institute filmed most of the proceedings.


In addition to the main hall, there are a number of other rooms in the institute, with some excellent examples of calligraphy. The photo below shows a group of us before the character "lung" - dragon in the VIP reception room.

From left to right: On-cho Ng, Andreas Schöter, Bent Nielsen, and Robert Cummings Neville.

Anyway, although the conference was fascinating, it doesn't exactly make for great photo material, so time to move on to more visually interesting material...