The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

Around Tainan

Although most of our time in Tainan was spent at the conference, we did get to see a few of the local attractions. The first few visits took place after a day's conference, so the light was fading. However, that made for some atmospheric sights.

All around Taiwan you'll find small temples, each devoted to a local protective spirit. Here, at the entrance to a night market by the Dutch Fort, is a typical example; the temple receeds on the left, projecting on the right is a shop.

And here is a view of a crowd of Yijing scholars crowded into an exhibition room in the Dutch Fort, listening to some of the local history.

Actually, the Dutch are responsible for some of the oldest buildings in Tainan, often later rebuilt by the Japanese. Here are some night shots of another example, the Chihkan Tower. The stone turtle tablets are from the Cing dynasty:

The ceilings are often very ornately painted. Here's a traditional example from Chihkan Tower, this bagua organized around the calligraphy "Taiji" was painted on the ridge pole of the roof.

After the clsoing ceremony, on the afternoon of the final day, we went to a Confucian temple...