The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

Taipei by Night

So, we arrived in Taipei in time for lunch, then took a bus tour around the city and a hurried visit to the National Palace Museum, before checking in to the Grand Hyatt hotel. In the evening, Joe (our guide) took us out for dinner. It was a great meal, typical Shanghai fare, and probably the best food that I'd eaten all week.

Left to right: Bent Nielsen, Andreas Schöter, Joseph Grange, On-cho Ng, Lotte Nielsen, Joe.

After the meal, we walked back to our hotel, taking in the night sights. Taipei 101 is the tallest building in the world (at the moment) and really dominates the city. It is designed to look like bamboo, with its tapered sections, and at night it's beautifully lit!    

The fountain display, above, is part of the Taipei 101 complex.

Taipei by Day

The next day was my last in Taiwan, and it was the first day that I had any time to myself. I spent a few hours around the Taipei 101 area, including taking a trip to the indoor observation deck on the 89th floor.


The elevator is so fast (less than 40 seconds to the observation deck) that it has aerodynamic features and has to be pressurised. Quite a ride for an elevator! And what a view from the top!

In the top frame, the large green area to the right in the foreground is a set of allotments, smack in the centre of the city. In the final frame, the large building with the yellow roof is the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall.

Then, it was back to the fountain display, where a fascinated little girl plays chicken with the water and at least two adults wait for the photo opportunity :-)


And those eight stone seats, each individually designed... are they meant to correspond to the trigrams...?