My Chinese Name

She De Whilst in Taiwan, on hearing that I had no Chinese name, On-cho Ng gave this some thought during the post-conference sight seeing trip. The name he came up with, derived from my German family name "Schöter", is shown on the left. In Pinyin romanization, this is written as "shi dé" [the "i" in "shi" should have a carron (an upside down circumflex) indicating the tone contour].

The meanings of these characters are:

Shi: history, historian, annalist.

Dé: virtue, personal energy.

So, taken together, I take 史德 to mean "an historian of virtue".

Additional associations for these characters are:

For shi , by an upper horizontal stroke, you get to li, a civil servant (I worked for local government in Scotland at the time), and from there by adding a side man radical you get to another shi (with the same tone), 使 now meaning envoy or, as a verb, to cause. Then, paired as 使命 shi ming, a mission or an assignment.

For , paired as 德国 Dé Guo, it means Germany, which is appropriate as my father is German. Also, as 同心同德 tong xin tong dé, to be as one heart and one mind, a salutary reminder for me.