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Xor Rotation Group

P Xn =  Waxing and Waning of the Seasons

Winter Solstice - the height of yin energy. Winter Solstice 22 Dec 2019 21 Dec 2021
New Year's Day - the first return of yang. New Year's Day 20 Jan 2020 19 Jan 2021
Thickening Spring - yang strengthens, becoming palpable. 19 Feb 18 Feb
Spring Equinox - yin and yang are balanced, and yang is rising. 20 Mar 20 Mar
Vigorous Growth - yang energy now dominates. 19 Apr 20 Apr
Breakthrough - the last yin is about to yield. 20 May 21 May
Summer Solstice - the height of yang energy. 20 Jun 21 Jun
The Year Turns - the peak of summer is past and the touch of yin returns. New Year's Day 21 Jul 22 Jul
Summer Withdraws - yin encroaches further. 21 Aug 22 Aug
Autumn Equinox - yin and yang balanced, but yin is rising. 22 Sep 22 Sep
Winter's Approach - yin now dominates the season. 22 Oct 22 Oct
Old Year's Day - the last yang is about to split away. 21 Nov 21 Nov

For an explanation of the extended lattice context for the seasonal interpretation, follow the lattice icons in the table above.

For a more detailed (if slightly out of date) description of the interpretation of this xor rotation group in terms of the calendar, see the PDF note here.

These dates are for the Northern hemisphere. If you want to calculate the dates for yourself, here's a spreadsheet. There are a number fo good sources for the raw data, including Wikipedia.