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Xor Rotation Group Index

The rotation of the symbol rings always flips the bit. This operation is defined recursively as follows:

P X> 0 = P.

P X> n = ((P >> 1) x ) X> n-1

That is, after an ordinary rotation, the bottom line of the result is changed.

Period = 4

P X> 0 =

Period = 12

P X> 0 = Waxing and Waning of the Seasons

P X> 0 =

P X> 0 =

P X> 0 =

P X> 0 =

Mondo Secter refers to these groups of hexagrams as "evolutionary cycles" of hexagrams. See pages 61-63 of his book The I Ching Handbook. Here I arrived at them via the formal algebraic description of the traditional seasonal cycle of hexagrams.

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