Gua Hang

Hexagram Navigator

The Yijing has been described as the first example of a hypertext document. The Hexagram Navigator presented here is a concrete attempt to realize this idea. It brings together all of the structural and algebraic properties of each symbol into a multi-dimensional, navigable web of hypertext documents.

Each hexagram has a page detailing all of the properties of that principle symbol, with links connecting it to the pages of the related symbols and further pages describing the groups of which the principle symbol is part.

A sample page, explaining the notation used in the hexagram pages is given here.

The Hexagram Index is here

There are also many ways of grouping hexagrams.  Each individual hexagram page links to its relevant groups through the Σ links and through occasional equation links. There are also relationships between the groups, which are made explicit through further links. In addition, there are index pages organizing the hexagram groups.

The Group Index is here

These pages are an ongoing project; with around 170 nodes currently in the web, there is a lot of material to comment. Please check back regularly to get the latest additions.

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