Zhi Dao

Finding Benefit in Difficulties

This constellation is not a response to a particular question. It is a constructed statement providing very general advice applicable to many problems.

Annotated ReadingThe graphical representation of the change is shown on the left and the corresponding algebraic equation (clicking on the hexagrams in the equation will take you to the relevant page of the Hexagram Navigator):

Limping x Inner Truth = Binding Greatness

The arrangement has a Principle symbol of Limping or Difficulties (39 in the King Wen sequence).  This is the immediate hexagram given by the casting of the coins and it speaks directly to the situation that gives rise to your question.

There is a lot of change in this situation, only the centre two lines remain untouched. This is represented by the Change Quanta of Centering (61 in the King Wen sequence). It encodes the energy that is at work in the transformation, the energy that relates the Principle symbol to the Related symbol.

The Related symbol is Great Accumulating (26 in the King Wen sequence). This is the hexagram that results from the changing lines in the Principle symbol. It typically shows the result of the energy at work in the change.


If, when we experience times of difficulty, we can remain centred and see through to the inner nature of the problem, then we can transform the trial into an opportunity for great accumulation.

Principle (the situation that raises the question)

There is an inner limit which restricts the natural flow of your energy in the outer world. It is beneficial to proceed and to let things come to fruition; there is no advantage in imposing a limit.  Reverse your perspective to re-establish your connection to the way.

Change Quanta (the transformation at work)

Be open to change and penetrate to the centre. Look at the matters that hold most meaning for you and ensure that your way of life conforms to those concerns.  Step up and put this to the test.

Related (the outcome of the changing energy)

Accumulate great energy by managing your resources. Do not be contentto stay comfortably at home; feed yourself what you need. This is to your advantage, step up and put it to the test.