Zhi Dao

Dispersing Obstacles to Find Release

Example ReadingThis reading comes from the first day of my relationship with the Yi. The question was a request for an image to help with my meditation practice. At the time, the response made a great impression on me, and it remains relevant to my practice today. The graphical representation shown on the left corresponds to the following equation (click on the hexagrams in the equation takes you to the relevant page from the Hexagram Navigator):

Dispersing x Separation = Release

The Principle symbol is Dispersing (59 in the King Wen sequence), this represents the need that gives rise to the request for help.

The Change Quanta is Obstruction (12 in the King Wen sequence). This is the energy involved in the transformation of the situation.

The Related symbol Liberation or Loosening (40 in the King Wen sequence), this represents the hoped for result of the practice.

All of the change in this situation occurs in the upper trigram, which is transformed completely into its complement.


Working gently to penetrate and disperse the obstructions will lead to liberation.

Principle (the situation that raises the question)

Penetrate the danger that confronts you and disperse it. Persevere and work to dissolve the obstacles that you face. Create a temple in your mind to honour your spiritual intention.  Step into the stream of life and put this action to the test.

Change Quanta (the transformation at work)

Heavy yang prevents the natural expression of your receptive inner yin energies. The way is closed, there is no nourishment; for the person walking the Way, it is an ordeal.

Related (the outcome of the changing energy)

Your natural inner flow finds energetic outward expression. It is to your advantage to let things come to their natural fruition. Directionless, always return to your root. Directed, wait for the dawn.

In this reading, the Change Quanta at work in the situation is a blockage, the Principle symbol shows how to deal with that blockage, and the Related symbol is what can be if the blockage is successfully dissolved.