Zhi Dao

Consulting Change

SettingThere are many ways of working with the symbols of Change. One way is through the technique of divination, where a random mechanism is used to arrive at one or more symbols, which are then interpreted relative to your situation. However, it is also important to work with the symbols as a language, learning their meanings and consciously applying them to describe the situations you encounter.

Practical Divination

Divination is the process of using the symbols of Change to provide a description of your current situation, and to explore your possible actions in the circumstances. The use of a random mechanism to arrive at the symbols allows the unconscious mind scope for involvement. My paper On the Nature of Divination makes good background reading in this context.

Personal Consultation - in a one-to-one consultation, we begin with the process of refining the question, quietening the mind, performing the consultation and then interpreting the answer.

Sample Readings - as an example, I have included a number of sample readings, so you can get a feel for the kinds of feedback you might expect.

Please note that I do not offer an on-line or email reading service. However, I am happy to engage in email discussion of any aspect of the Yijing.

Symbolic Language

This is a vital aspect of working with Change, and it forms the core of my personal practice with the symbols of the Yi. How each individual approaches this depends very much on their current practice and background knowledge. The key is to make the energy of the symbols come alive in your conscious mind and to use the resulting understanding to reflect on your experience. For me, this has two distinct dimensions. The first is a mathematical flavour, and I consider my approach to be a contemporary manifestation of the Xiangshu 象數 (Image and Number) school of interpretation. The second dimension is the direct physical expression of the energies encoded in the symbols of change through the movement art of Taiji Quan.

The papers in the Writing section go into this aspect of the work in considerable detail and the interested reader should consult the material there.