Zhi Dao

Example Readings

The following pages present a number of example interpretations and readings. Most of them are the results of actual castings, some of them are constructed examples. These readings are recorded using a notation derived from the Boolean properties of the hexagrams. A description of how this is done can be read here.

The first sample shows the full text of an example reading:

  • Resolving a Difficult Work Relationship - this is provided as a PDF document and shows the extent of the write-up that is provided with a full consultation. In this case, the person coming for the reading was very open and communicative, allowing a rich interpretation to be provided. This write-up would be sent on within three days of a full consultation.

The following readings are presented in a simpler manner, showing the basic use of the notation:

  • Finding Benefit in Difficulties - this example was constructed to show how the symbols of the Yijing can be used to make particular statements. This example also explains how readings are recorded, and what the different elements of the reading mean.

  • Dispersing Obstacles to find Release - this example is a very early reading from my relationship with the Yi. I asked for an image to help my meditation practice.

The example shows how the lattices can be used to provide a structural context for exploring an issue:

  • Actualizing a Spark of Ideal - following a conversation about feeling an urge to do something positive, to contribute to the betterment, but not knowing how to best act, I wrote the piece presented here.