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Wen Zhang

The Seasonal Unfolding


The Technical Definitions

The basic definiton of the xor rotation that gives rise to the seasonal cycle of hexagrams is originally described here. The recursive definition is:

P X> 0 = P.

P X> n = ((P >> 1) x ) X> n-1

From this we can then define the function which gives us the symbol for each month:

Month(n) =def X> (n mod 12)

Then Month(0) = , Month(1) = and so forth, corresponding to the sequence given for the waxing and waning of the seasons as required.

From this, we can define a formal definition for a facet that corresponds to a month, giving it additional context. To do this we also need the definition for a sublattice. This is given on page 12 of my paper The Yijing as a Symbolic Language for Abstraction. It can also be found on the page showing a cubic subspace.

MonthFacet(n) =def sub(Month(n-1), Month(n-1) x Month(n+1))


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