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Wen Zhang

The Seasonal Unfolding



The pages link from here describe an approach to representing the pattern of season change that builds on the usual sequence of waxing and waning symbols, adding additional structural context from viewing that sequence as a ring the encircles the complete boolean lattice. By taking this view each point in the seasonal cycle, normally represented by a single gua from the waxing and waning hexagrams, becomes represented by a small sublattice showing the context of each point within the year and within the symbol lattice overall.

The Seasonal Cycle

The diagram of the complete seasonal cycle, including the lattice context is a good place to start. It is shown in this section. From there you can link to the sublattice for each month.

The Technical Definitions

This structure has a clear formal definition that follows directly from the formal description of the traditional seasonal cycle coupled with the the idea of a sublattice. For those interested, the definitions are here.


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