The Second International Conference on the I-Ching

Internation Conference on I-ChingEvent Sponsors

International Society for Yijing Studies
International Association of I-Ching Studies
Zhou-Yi Institute of the Republic of China


The conference was graciously hosted at the headquarters of the Zhou-Yi Institute of the Republic of China, based in Tainan, Taiwan, from Sunday 27th to Wednesday 30th November 2005. Their hospitality was beyond compare, looking after all the delegates with an outstanding degree of organization.

I was greatly honoured to have been invited to this important event, to have an opportunity to both listen and present in the company of such a prestigious gathering of Yijing scholars. I can report that I had a marvelous time, both at the Conference itself, and on the tour arranged by the Zhou-Yi Society.

Conference Report

The full details of my presentation The Yijing as a Symbolic Language of Abstraction are available here.

A brief report on the conference, including short descriptions of the English language papers, can be read on-line here.

Or, if you prefer to read a printed version, a PDF copy is also available .


In addition to the conference itself, the Zhou-Yi Institute organized a sight-seeing tour of Taiwan. A photo-journal of that tour, and other aspects of my trip can be found here.