Li Shi

Site History 2004

2004 December 01

2004 September 21

2004 April 06

  • Added a slightly updated version of the "Flowers and Steps" paper to the technical papers section (previously only available through the Java Yi Tool documentation).
  • Added the "Nature of Divination" paper to the general papers section.
  • Added the Taijiquan paper to the general papers section.
  • Updated the Workshop pages to include brief descriptions of previous events.

2004 March 18

  • Reorganized the Papers section.
  • Added a section for non-English langauge sites to the links page.
  • Rewrote the Workshop page after the completion of the Salisbury Centre event.

2004 March 01

  • Added Tools pages.

2004 January 11

  • Added Workshop page.

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