Li Shi

Site History 2005

2005 December 15

  • Added the beginnings of the Prolog documentation.
  • Some updates to the Taiwan trip photo-journal.
  • Added the caligraphy for my Chinese name.
  • Some more updates to page layouts.

2005 December 11

  • A number of updates following the International Conference in Taiwan including:
  • Some more updates to page layouts.

2005 November 13

  • Added the follow-up page to Henri's spherical domains.
  • Then rewrote the ieb thread and the wave sequence thread.
  • Updated the Boolean Algebra and the Yijing paper with current standard notation.
  • Added the cubic subspace example.
  • Some more updates to some pages layouts.

2005 October 20

  • Added the Web Notes section to the papers, including the material on Internal Energy Boundaries, Coherent Wave Sequences and the Chorand Spheres.
  • Added the diagrams section to the mathematical material.
  • Some Minor updates to some page layouts.

2005 September 30

  • Updated the links page with the Imperial Yijing link.
  • Some minor updates to the layout of some pages.

2005 September 16

  • Added the announcement for the Taiwan conference.
  • Lofting's site once again on the move and Tony Smith's site rediscovered (thanks Alchemivida), updated the links page.

2005 February 10>

  • Added the announcement for the Spring Equinox Workshop.
  • Updated the links page.
  • Slight modification to the front page lattice logo.

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