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Site History 2007

2007 December 29

  • Added the first in a series of example applications of the algebraic structures.
  • Some updates to site mechanics:
    • Added alt text to vertical section tags Chinese rollovers.
    • Fixed some hexagram links on the Repetition and Persistence page.
    • Added horizontal rulers to this page.
  • Added the copyright page.
  • Updates to the Training pages.
  • Updated Consultation page.

2007 November 25

  • Added the review of Bent Nielsen's excellent Companion to the Yi Jing Numerology and Cosmology.
  • Reorganized the Review Section so the reviews are arranged alphabetically by author.
  • Added two new links:
    • a link to Denis Mair's site
    • updated the link to Adele Aldridge's new Yijing art blog.
  • Updated the Yin/Yang calendar for 2008.
  • Minor updates to my Taiji background.

2007 October 27

2007 September 13

2007 July 02

  • Added the announcement for the Taiji Theory workshop.

2007 June 24

2007 June 17

  • Update to the Repetition and Persistence page.
  • Update to the Foundation Practice page.
  • Various updates to the links page:
    • Added a new section for Chinese language resources.
    • Added a link to Steve Marshall's unicode transcription of the Zhouyi.
    • LiSe Heyboer's site now has its own domain.
  • Minor updates to some page layouts.

2007 June 12

  • Major update adding material on physical practice:
    • Changed the homepage.
    • Expanded the Intro section.
    • Separated out the Overview page.
    • Added the Taiji section.
    • Added the Training section, incorporating the original Consulting and Workshops section.
    • Reorganized the Writing section again.
    • Updated the Taiji workshop page with the handouts.
    • Added Chinese rollover text for all the vertical section tags.
  • Added the link for Schorre and Dunne's book.
  • Reworked the Tools pages a little.
  • Some more updates to the Navigator pages.

2007 April 23>

  • Added the paper on Bipolar Change to the algebra section - this article is currently under submission to the Journal of Chinese Philosophy.
  • Updated the links pages with Wengu - Chinese Classics and Translations.

2007 April 10

  • Update to the commentary on the contrast cluster on .
  • Updated the links pages with a couple of new sites:
    • Ewald Berkers' Eclectic Energies site.
    • Cesca Diebschlag's consultation site.

2007 March 25

  • Update to the announcement for the Taiji: Quan and Yi workshop.

2007 March 23

2007 February 16

  • Additions to the commentary in the Hexagram Navigator pages.
  • Updated the short note on seasonal symbols, including a spreadsheet to do the calculations for you.

2007 February 1

  • Added the Hexagram Navigator to the Tools section.
  • Reorganized the papers and reviews into a combined Writing section and added a new section for Short notes (since removed).
  • Updated the publication details for the review of Chung-ying Cheng's paper.
  • Updated the links page.

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