Li Shi

Site History 2008

2008 December 31

2008 November 22

  • Added the disclaimer page.
  • Updated some of the Taiji pages
  • Updated the bibliography.
  • Reformatted the web note research pages.
  • Fixed a broken link on one of the wave sequence pages.

2008 October 02

  • Added some new links:
    • Added a link to Carol Anthony's publishing site, including her counseling/consulting services.
    • Tuck Chang now has his own translation on-line.
    • Christian Freeling has updated his I Ching Connexion material, including a new on-line consultation mechanism.
    • Added a link to the Images of Yi Jing on LiSe's site.

2008 August 12

  • Only just twigged that LiSe has renamed her site.

2008 July 17

  • Expanded slightly on the description of the Taiji Equation.
  • Revision to my Chinese name page.
  • Updated the links page:
    • Added a link to Tracy Valleau's ingenious Lost Diagram.
    • Corrected the links to a couple of sites that had moved.
  • Added links to the diagrams of unfoldings to the Technical papers page.
  • Made these history pages into yearly archives.

2008 June 15

  • New commentary for in .
  • Added some additional links to the Neijia section.
  • Updated final publication details for Bipolar Change article:
  • Fixed a typo in a hexagram name.
  • Added some shading to make the King Wen sequence table easier to read.

2008 June 08

  • Finally added the full length version of the Language of Abstraction paper.
  • A couple of changes to the links page:
    • Added the Neijia section to the links page.
    • Moved the Imperial Yijing site into the General links section.
  • A couple of changes to the site mechanics:
    • Added a shortcut icon to the site.
    • Added some key words to the meta tags.

2008 May 15

2008 April 06

  • Document additions:
  • Page updates:
    • Added the page about Chinese fonts.
    • Updated the description for the waxing and waning article.
    • Updated my CV page to include a few relevant links and to mention my recent DMT experience.
  • Link updates:
    • Added a link to the ChinaPages versions of the Yijing text.
    • Removed some entries for defunct sites from the Links page.
    • Added a comment on the link to the Wiki entry.

2008 February 04

  • Updated the publication details for Bipolar Change.
  • Added the link to the School of Wisdom's page about Richard Wilhelm.
  • Added a link to a study guide on the examples page.

2008 January 03

  • A couple more calendar updates:
    • Fixed the updated Yin/Yang calendar for 2008.
    • Updated the corresponding rotation group page.

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