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Site History 2009

2009 October 06

  • New material:
    • Paper on Consciousness of Movement.
    • Review of Wu's Shamanic Yijing.
  • Updated material:
    • Publication details for the review of Nielsen's Companion updated.
  • Some link updates:
    • Billy Culver's site seems to have dropped off the internet again - my version of his diagram can be found here.
    • Added a link to Lofting's new site promoting his Emotional I Ching.
    • Added a link to the Laetus in Praesens site.
    • Updated the link to Denis Mair's site.

2009 April 06

  • Updated the workshop page.
  • Removed the Java YiTool pages in preparation for a completely new release of software later in the year.
  • Some minor updates to links.

2009 February 26

  • Posted notification of the Spring Equinox Workshop.
  • Added and updated some links:
    • Added a link to the Arch Chinese character teaching site. Thanks to Alan Coady for the heads up on this one!
    • Added a link to the Original I Ching site by Dan Stackhouse.

2009 January 06

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