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Site History 2010


2010 November 29

2010 November 17

  • Added an analysis of the Teikemeier/Drasny Sphere:
  • Updates and additions to the links page:
  • Had to change a style def because some older versions of IE don't render it properly. This means the titles on the pages don't look as compact as they should in properly compliant browsers.

2010 August 23

  • Some corrections to the China conference material.
  • Fixed some broken links.
  • Figured out the font problem - but I don't imagine I've fixed every occurance!

2010 August 05

  • Added some additional material about the China conference, including a trip report and some photos.
  • Poo! Seems like DreamWeaver is messing up my Chinese fonts somehow, will have to try and sort that!

2010 July 23

  • Complete overhaul of the site's underlying structure (yes, I know it still looks more or less the same as before):
    • eliminated all the frames,
    • as a side-effect broke a lot of the links in these history pages,
    • made styles more consistent throughout,
    • now use server-side includes,
    • various updates to numerous pages in the process.

2010 June 30

2010 April 29

2010 January 21

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