Site Overview

Intro Icon The Intro section presents the common metaphysical background for both physical and symbolic change, and then introduces the traditional explorations of these two aspects from Chinese culture (as it reaches us here in the West).  
Taiji Icon The Taiji section discusses the physical practice; mainly by relating the movement practice to the symbolic energies of the Yijing, but also from the perspective of my training in the traditional Wu-Cheng syllabus of Taiji Quan.  
Coin Icon The Tuition section lists the classes and workshops that I run in Taiji Quan and the Yijing. This includes regular classes, individual training, personal consultation, workshops and tutoring, as well as a list of current and previous clients.  
Writing Icon The Writing section contains PDF versions of my work, including all of my published papers and conference presentations, as well as web notes on current research and some reviews of the work of other authors.  
Tools Icon The Tools section contains a number of software tools that I have developed over the years to help in my own research. These tools generate graphical representations of the algebraic expressions, helping one to learn to visualize the structures internally.  
Links Icon The Links section provides an annotated collection of links to other Yijing related sites that I think are worth a visit.